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Biography – Early Life

Frederick Douglass, named at birth Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey, was born in c.1818 in Tuckahoe, Talbot County, Maryland. The date of his birth is unknown as records were not kept at the time. He adopted February 14 as his birthday as his mother called him “my valentine”. Douglass was a slave by birth, his mother […] more

Life in the Plantation

“Freedom of choice is the essence of all accountability” When Frederick Douglass was about 15 years old he moved to St Michael to live with his new master Thomas Auld and his new wife, Rowena. Rowena was mean and cruel, Thomas was stingy and selfish and never fed his slaves enough. Reading School – Sabbath […] more

From Slavery to Freedom

“Give him a bad master and he aspires to a good master; give him a good master, and he wishes to become his own master” Baltimore After Douglass’ first failed attempt to escape he was sent to Baltimore to live with Hugh Auld, brother of Thomas Auld. His master never found prove that he intended […] more

Frederick Douglass, A Free Man

As a slave in Baltimore, Frederick Douglass worked as a ship caulker. It was suggested to him by David Ruggles that the best place for him to settle would be New Bedford, Massachusetts as it had a flourishing ship building industry. In New Bedford they were received by Nathan Johnson and his wife. The couple […] more

Abolitionist Activities

Anti-Slavery convention in Nantucket   The summer of 1841 was a turning point in Douglass’ career. Frederick was invited by William Coffin, the general agent for the Massachusetts Antislavery Society, to speak at a convention in Nantucket organized by leading abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison. Garrison was the founder of the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society and editor […] more

Later Years and Death

Cedar Hill Frederick Douglass lived the  of his life in his  in Anacostia, Washington D.C. He purchased the house in 1877 and paid $6,700 to the Freedmen’s Savings and Trust Company, he and his family moved in the fall of 1878. Cedar Hill is now part of the Frederick Douglass National Historical Site and it […] more

A school project on Frederick Douglass

This video is a school project on the life and accomplishments of Frederick Douglass. The creators of the video are Robert Little and Alex Jordan. more

Frederick Douglass by the Biography Channel

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