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Timeline of the Life of Frederick Douglass 1861-1895

  1861 Beginning of the. Douglass began advocating for. 1862 Congress abolished slavery. His employment with the American Antislavery Society came to an end. Douglass began to receive invitations from colleges and institutions to give speeches. His best known speech became the . 1863 The  went into effect on January 1st, declaring all slaves in […] more

Timeline of the Life of Frederick Douglass 1841-1860

1841 William Coffin, a prominent abolitionist, invited Douglass to speak at a convention in Nantucket. First duty assigned was to travel with George Foster to secure subscribers to the Antislavery Standard and Liberator. He gave lectures in the eastern counties of Massachusetts. Was called to advocate equal rights for the proposed new constitution of Rhode […] more

Timeline of the Life of Frederick Douglass

“Intelligence is a great leveler here as elsewhere”  c. 1818 Frederick Douglass, neé Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey, was born in in Tuckahoe, Talbot County, Maryland. His mother was Harriet Bailey, a slave, his father was a white man believed to be his master Aaron Anthony. He was separated from his mother as an infant. 1819-1825 […] more